I have a wide selection of solid colors and coordinates, these are just the special or unique prints I have on hand. If you have a fabric in mind for your commission I can always order something just for you, or you can send me a special fabric you’ve been holding onto waiting for the perfect use for!

If the fabric you want has a “Small amount” warning on it, I will do my best to use the fabric efficiently, but be aware that there might not be enough for your item and have some backup options in mind. If you want me to get more of a “Small amount” fabric for you, there will be an additional fee (to be determined case-by-case) as I will most often have to buy it from re-sellers at a higher than retail price, if I can find it at all.

Solids on hand for masks
(if you are commissioning a bag I can order whatever colors you like, this is just what I have on hand for quick mask turnaround)
Navy Blue
Royal Blue
Hunter Green
Kelly Green
Golden Yellow
Marbled Lavender
Marbled Red
Marbled Primary Blue


Panels are images centered on a piece of fabric, like an image in the middle of a t-shirt. Typically I only have 1 or 2 of these in any given design and they are generally only suited to bags with large areas that fit the design, like messenger bag flaps or totes with large open areas. Bag descriptions contain information as to whether or not that item is suited to use of a panel.