Custom Orders

Would you like to have me make something just for you? Or maybe you have one of my bags and want a matching wallet? Well, here you’ll find a list of my base prices to the patterns currently in my repertoire as well as what fabric prints I currently have on my shelves. You can absolutely commission an item not on this list, or use a print not in the gallery, but there may be additional costs involved or a longer-than-average wait time. If you have a vision in mind for a piece but none of the bags presented here quite fit, please reach out to me! I have many more patterns and I can modify patterns to suit your needs.

When you know what you want, or maybe just have a vague idea, head on over to the Contact page and start a conversation with me and we can work out all the details!


  • Commissions are subject to my approval and I am free to deny any request.
  • 50% of the commission price must be paid up front to cover material costs and is non-refundable.
  • Custom printed fabrics can be acquired for you for a $10 surcharge and may take up to 12 weeks to arrive depending on where they are available.
  • Bag base prices represent the cost of the bag in typical materials for that bag, usually quilting cottons with occasional vinyl contrasts. Special print fabrics are included in this base price, but custom embroidery, applique designs, making an item in all vinyl or other special material will cost extra.
  • Current turn-around on commissions is roughly 10 business days, this may fluctuate depending on upcoming events, if special supplies need to be ordered, or other factors. I will do my best to keep this time updated, but please understand that a custom commission takes time and will not ship out right after ordering.
  • Currently available custom/unique fabrics can be viewed in the Gallery.


These are all the bags that I have made enough to feel at ease with offering. If, however, you have a pattern in mind or specific needs that aren’t met by any of these I have more available. Modifications can be made to any of these bags, including but not limited to: increasing size, decreasing size, adding pockets, adding padded tablet/laptop sleeves, etc but be aware that these will affect the price.

Wallets and Pouches


Messenger Bags

Sling Bags and Backpacks

Hip Bags and Fanny Packs